NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture)

A) Introduction
  • NATA Exams will conduct at the notified Test Centers every year. The details of Test Centers and NATA Registration shall be made available at or
  • NATA can be taken any number of times in a year. This means if a student gets fewer score he can retake the test to improve his score by re-registering for the NATA by paying fees again.
  • However NOT the best score BUT the average of the scores is taken into consideration. For example a student scores 80/200 marks in the first attempt and 110/200 marks in the second attempt, his overall score is (80+110)/2 = 95 marks. If in the second attempt he managed to score only 50/200 then his overall score would get reduced to (80+50)/2 = 65.
  • So it is always better to prepare well for the exam and get good scores in the first attempt itself.
  • Scores are valid for 2 years.
  • Students passed 10th standard can write the NATA test
b) Nata Registration Process
  • Download the online registration form and fill it (Registration form is available at website
  • Pay the required fees in DD (details given below)
  • Send the filled registration form, DD and the supporting documents to the test centers.
  • Get receipt cum appointment voucher with date and time from the Test Center.
c) Nata Test Fees For 2011
  • Fees for NATA 2011 is Rs.800/- Fees are to be paid by Demand draft drawn in favour of ‘Council of Architecture’, payable at New Delhi.
D) Last Date for the test
  • Test centres will function till 25th September 2011. (verify with the test centre, they may close earlier)
  • Appear for the test minimum five days before the last date of receipt of mark list at the admission authority.
E) Documents Required For Registration
  • Std. X or equivalent exam mark list – attested copy
  • One recent passport size colour photograph, to be pasted on the registration form.
  • Any valid document of identification bearing photograph and signature of the candidate – attested copy
  • Test fees in the form of demand draft in favour of ‘Council of Architecture’ payable at New Delhi.
  • Valid email address. (In case you do not possess one, we suggest you to open email account on one of the free service providers such as yahoo, hotmail, rediffmail, Gmail, etc. PLEASE DO NOT REVEAL YOUR PASSWORD TO ANY ONE.)

    Approach the Test Center (normally college / school of Architecture) convenient to the candidate with the documents listed above and test fees.

F) The Test

The test is in two sections:

  • Section 1 - Online computer aptitude test for 100 marks. Test duration 60 mins
  • Section II - A paper based drawing test for total 100 marks. It has 3 questions ; 2 questions of 25 marks each and one of 50 marks. Test duration 120 mins
  • Minimum qualifying marks required is 80/200

    ( * You may take Set of colours (Water/ Poster colours, crayons, pastels) with appropriate instruments (Brushes dish, etc.), pencils, eraser etc. & Geometry instrument box )

G) Syllabus

Section I: Online aptitude test – 40 questions

  • Visualizing three dimensional objects from two dimensional drawings.
  • Visualizing different sides of three dimensional objects.
  • Indentifying commonly used materials and objects based on their textural qualities.
  • Analytical reasoning. Mental Ability.
  • Imaginative comprehension and expression.
  • Architectural awareness

Section II: Drawing Test: - Total 3 questions; 2 of 25 mark each and one of 50 mark

The questions for drawing test is based on the following aspects –

  • Ability to sketch a given object proportionately and rendering the same in visually appealing manner.
  • Visualizing and drawing the effects of light on the object and shadows cast on surroundings
  • Sense of perspective drawing
  • Combining and composing given three dimensional elements to form a building or structural form
  • Creating interesting two dimensional compositions using given shapes and forms.
  • Creating visual harmony using colours in given composition
  • Understanding of scale and proportions.
  • Drawing from memory through pencil sketch on themes from day to day experiences.

H) Factors Considered While Evaluating The Test

Section I: Online aptitude test

  • The candidate’s score will depend on his / her performance on the questions given and on the number of questions answered in the time allotted.
  • This section is computer adaptive, meaning that the computer selects questions based on the candidate’s performance on preceding questions (When correct answer is given, next question will be of higher difficulty level whereas, if wrong answer is given next question is of lower difficulty level).

Section II: Drawing Test:

  • The candidate’s drawing, imagination and observation skills
  • The candidate’s sense of proportion & perspective together with sense for colour composition.

I) The Scoring Process:

  • The drawing paper will be examined by the designated examiners over the internet in absence of the candidate and marks will be uploaded to NATA server
  • The drawing papers are scanned and uploaded to NATA server for the purpose, within four hours of printing the question paper
  • Usually three different examiners, from different parts of India, independently examine each question and their marks are averaged
  • NATA administrator reserves the rights to moderate the marks given by the examiners to achieve parity
  • During the computer based test, with adaptive testing, an examinee is administered a set of questions with a difficulty level that is specifically designed to match the examinee's ability level
  • The mathematical process for calculating a score in this situation incorporates the statistical properties of the questions, the examinee's performance on the questions, and the number of questions that are answered.
  • Average difficulty level of all questions and of those questions answered correctly. E.g. person with correct answer for less number of questions of higher difficulty level may score higher marks than someone who answers more number of questions correctly but of lower difficulty level.
  • There is no Negative marking in this test.

Weightage For B.Arch Admission:

The following shall be the weightage :

NATA test : 50% of the score (Maximum)

Qualifying Examination* : 50% of the aggregate marks (Maximum)

(*. 10+2 or 10+3 years Diploma recognized by the Central / State governments or IB Diploma and/ or other test.)