Tips N Tricks

Drawing can be tough, it’s like that for everybody at first, but who knows, and maybe you're the next Picasso!

Here we are offering you some free tips for developing your sketch easily:

  • Try practice sketching shapes with shading and experiment with different mediums. Try to do this in any spare time
  • After you get used to shading, shapes and forms, start drawing simple designs and things like plants or something you see around and scenes you observe daily.
  • Draw vivid designs. Now you can start drawing something more alive with expression. (You can choose if you want to start with animals or humans.) Use study materials for guidance in proportion and scale
  • Be self-confident about your drawing skills. Always encourage yourself to draw and praise yourself to keep practicing until you get it right. (Remember...Practice makes perfect!)
  • Graduate to more complex drawing designs. Draw tiny details that you observed. The best way to make detailed drawings is to start off with the outline.
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